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Welcome to the home of The Speed-oh Movement and TSM Swimwear

The Speed-oh Movmemnt is a place where Everyone is welcome. It is a community represented on various social media platforms, and here on my website, of support, respect, and kindness. Diversity is in the DNA at The Speed-oh Movement and I think true beauty is in our individual differences. Abolish hate and judgement, spread kindness and love. It's about so much more than just the speed-oh yet celebrates wearing them all the same!

TSM Swimwear is my line of premium swimwear and items that I design and create. I hope the pieces evoke the passion I have for the principles of the movement. Ever since I was in high school I wanted to design swimwear, and TSM Swimwear is the fulfillment of that dream. I want my designs to be for every BODY and get so much joy seeing people wearing them with confidence and showing the world they are sexy!

- Cody founder/designer